SELAH: A Journey Through the Psalms (DIGITAL GUIDE)

SELAH: A Journey Through the Psalms (DIGITAL GUIDE)

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THIS IS A DIGITAL PDF DOWNLOAD VERSION OF THE GUIDE. If you are looking for the printed version, click here
SELAH: A Journey Through the Psalms
A Multiply Goodness x Jen Tolman collaboration

These are unprecedented, difficult times, and we can’t think of a book of Scripture more necessary for this moment and for our souls than the Psalms.

Written as songs and prayers of lament, praise, intercession, and worship, the Psalms are rich with meaning and have brought depth to the hearts of believers for generations. This six-week study will take a closer look at the text of some of these Psalms, each week with a different focus, with the hope that you will feel a companionship with God, a safe place for your weary soul, and a reminder that God is faithful to his people. 

Paired beautifully with the painted artwork of Jen Tolman, this guide feel like water in the desert, a breath of fresh air into the lungs of your faith. 

We hope and pray that this study of the book of Psalms is a sustaining gift during these uncertain days, and we pray that the Scriptures would come alive and rest in your hearts, providing you with peace, comfort, and companionship.


Our Multiply Goodness Selah study runs March 1 - April 9, 2021

Study Guide Specs — 8 x 10 inches | 116 pages | Digital PDF | Full Color

Within this study, you will find:

Our 6-week study guide

  • Daily readings in the Word of God (Old and New Testaments)
  • Questions to expand your study
  • Exclusive art from artist Jen Tolman, made especially for Multiply Goodness.
  • Extra-wide margins and space for note taking
  • Note pages at the end of every week for expanding your thoughts
  • A reflection section that will help your study of Scripture have deeper life appliction
  • A "Story of Faith" — photographed by Kati Ellis at The Faith Collective, you'll read the personal story of a woman, just like you, to encourage and inspire you in your journey to follow Christ. 
  • Our Small Group Section — now with ideas for virtual gatherings!

All about our Multiply Goodness small groups

  • How to host a small group study virtually
  • Information about why small groups are critical to our Scripture study,
  • Memory Verse Cards for you to cut out and use around your home, as Scripture bookmarks, or any other place that will help you hide the truths of God's Word into your heart. 

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