ADVENT 2022: The Gifts of Christmas
ADVENT 2022: The Gifts of Christmas
ADVENT 2022: The Gifts of Christmas
ADVENT 2022: The Gifts of Christmas
ADVENT 2022: The Gifts of Christmas
ADVENT 2022: The Gifts of Christmas

ADVENT 2022: The Gifts of Christmas

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The season of Advent refers to the four weeks leading up to Christmas. It is a time of preparation and anticipation as we await and celebrate the advent of two things: the remembrance of Jesus entering the world as a baby at Christmas, as well as the advent to come, or the Second Coming of Christ.

With this in mind, we designed this Advent Bible study guide to walk you through the Gifts of Christmas — all found in the Christmas narrative, with the hope that it will help us focus on the birth, life, and ministry of Jesus Christ and the gift His arrival brings to each of us. 

Printed in beautiful full color, we intentionally designed and reformatted this year's Advent guide to include gorgeous, symbolic images for each gift, giving you a unique way to more deeply understand the story of Christmas. You'll recognize many of these famous paintings, from artists like Caravaggio, Carl Heinrich Bloch, and more. We have also updated the guide to match the number of days of the 2022 Advent season. As with all of our studies, we also have a brand new Story of Faith from our sisters at The Faith Collective that speaks to the faithfulness of God, drawing you closer to the heart of the Savior during the holiday season.

We are also happy to give you our ever-so-popular Advent tags, printed on high-quality card stock in the back of each guide. Use these around your home, on your tree, or on gifts for loved ones! Each tag is printed with a gift of the Christmas story found in the guide for the corresponding day. 

It is our hope that as you learn about the themes of Advent and the Gifts of Christmas, you will develop a deeper relationship with the Savior during this long-awaited season.

Study Guide Specs — 8 x 10 inches | 143 pages | Spiral-Bound | Full Color

Within this study, you will find:

Our 4-week Advent study guide

    • Daily readings in the New Testaments
    • Questions to expand your study & discuss with loved ones
    • Extra-wide margins and space for note taking
    • A "Story of Faith" — photographed by Kati Ellis at The Faith Collective, you'll read the personal story of a woman, just like you, to encourage and inspire you in your journey to follow Christ. 

Our Small Group Section

    • All about our Multiply Goodness small groups
    • How to host a small group study in your area

25 Gifts of Christmas tags for you to cut out and use around your home, as Scripture bookmarks, or any other place that will help you hide the truths of God's Word into your heart.