SIGNS & WONDERS — Digital Guide

SIGNS & WONDERS — Digital Guide

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We can all find ourselves in a season where we need a miracle. 

This six-week study guide will guide you through six miraculous stories of God’s faithfulness in the Old Testament — each week will feature a new story, reminding you of the presence of God in your own life, and the way He cares for His beloved.

In our most desperate moments, it can be hard to remember that the Lord is near, that He cares, that He sees our lives and our hearts. It is in those moments that we turn to the Scriptures to remind us He is there, showing us signs and wonders of his miraculous love.

If you are following along with our Instagram Devotionals, our Multiply Goodness SIGNS & WONDERS study runs April 18 to May 27, 2022.

Study Guide Specs — 8 x 10 inches | 112 pages | Digital PDF File | Full Color

Within this study, you will find our 6 Week Study including:

  • Daily readings in the Bible (Old and New Testaments)
  • Questions to expand your study
  • Extra-wide margins and space for note taking
  • Note pages at the end of every week for expanding your thoughts
  • A reflection section that will help your study of Scripture have deeper life application
  • A Story of Faith from The Faith Collective
  • Memory Verse cards