Fall 2023 — Beloved *DIGITAL PDF GUIDE*

Fall 2023 — Beloved *DIGITAL PDF GUIDE*

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This is a DIGITAL PDF version of the Fall 2023 Study Guide.

For the PRINTED version, please click here.


What does it mean to be BELOVED?

We hear it all the time — as children of God, we are deeply loved. But what do the Scriptures say about what it means to be beloved?

Over the course of six weeks, we will take a look at the life and character of the Apostle Paul, from his encounter on the road to Damascus to his time imprisoned and everything in between. His radical and overwhelming encounters with the Lord show us that God loves us, seeks after us, and redeems us, no matter where we are in life. It doesn't matter how strong our faith is, or what we've done in our past, we are the Lord's beloved.

This study guide is packed full of gorgeous imagery from professional photographer, Jess Kettle. We can't wait to open up the Bible together, explore the character of the Apostle Paul, and learn what it means to be truly loved by God. 

If you are following along with our Instagram or YouTube Devotionals, our Multiply Goodness BELOVED study runs from September 11 to October 20, 2023

Study Guide Specs — 8 x 10 inches | 112 pages | Digital PDF | Full Color

Within this guide, you will find our 6 Week Study including:

  • Daily readings in the Bible (Old and New Testaments)
  • Questions to expand your study and further your discipleship
  • Extra-wide margins & space for taking notes
  • Note pages for expanding your thoughts
  • A reflection section that will bring greater life application to your study of Scripture
  • A Story of Faith from our friends at The Faith Collective
  • Memory Verse cards