Starting November 2, 2018, all physical study guides will begin fulfillment and shipping within 2 business days, unless otherwise specified. Once an order begins fulfillment, you will receive notification via email from our 3rd party fulfillment team to track your item.

We ship using 2 mail services with the following estimated ship times:

  • media mail flat rate* (allow at least 2-10 days to reach you)
  • priority mail (1-3 days)

These shipping options are always offered and we will ship according to what you select—so if you want your study by a certain date, keep that in mind as you select your shipping rate. We are not responsible if we ship according to your rate selection and your product arrives late.

*If you live in Alaska or Hawaii we do recommend that you consider priority mail if you want to receive your product by a start date, as packages going media mail rate in those areas are known to be delayed.

Please note: shipping to Canada is only via priority mail.

Please be advised that once your package reaches our local post office, we are no longer responsible for it. If your product is delayed in the mail, lost, or damaged, you will need to file a claim with your local post office.

We have made improvements to our shipping materials and our fulfillment center makes every effort to properly package our products so they arrive in good condition. If you feel that there was a problem with the actual production of the product you received, please contact us with your order # and photographs of production error at: